About us

The purpose of our existence is to link the state-of-the-art consultants together for the benefit of the customers. We are always looking for win-win situations and long lasting customer relations.

The Aguila philosophy can be summarised as

  •    Simplicity
  • How can we make things as easy as possible?
  •    Overall
  • How can our contribution benefit the entire company?
  •    Global
  • How can the company benefit from globalisation?
  •    Honesty
  • We shall always be true to our costumers.
Aguila Philosophy

Our consultants

…are always operating under Aguila’s philosophy. We know that to fit is more efficient than be over qualified for both customer and our consultants. We use our 20+ years of experience in the consulting business, to match you with the fittest consultant for each individual case. Aguila is allied with other related companies enabling us to find the most suitable solution for our customer.

The head office of Aguila is located in Malmö, surrounded by global enterprises, science parks, engineering schools and universities.


Core Team Member

Stig Andersson

Managing Director

Stig Andersson Experienced project manager and leader of consultancy staff. Always with a focus on the projects technical and commercial goal as well as a focus on project cost. He has a wide knowledge of product development and production development from a wide variety of industrial sectors.